Friday, July 15, 2011

Favorite online stores that cater to Plus Size women

Currently I live in the fashion barren wasteland called the Midwestern United States, so I've been desperately searching online for clothes that are fashionable and in my size. I've recently lost 30 lbs so have gone down as much as 2 sizes depending on the clothes. I'm finding this really, really exciting, especially since I wasn't actually trying to lose weight. My current goal is 180 lbs or a size 16/18 which might be an XL or 1X depending on the store. Here are the stores I love so far and a favorite piece from their collections:

Oh man I love this store! Beyond awesome clothing, from a lot of indie designers, in sizes up to 24. If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, and for something girly, this is the store for you. Not everything comes in plus sizes, but there are some real gems if you're willing to browse, and believe me you won't mind a bit. Lots of retro, hipster, and vintage galore and not just clothes either! They have some interesting stuff to decorate with too, including actual vintage pieces.

Like Sunday Morning Dress in A Snap

This store I really like, though you will have to translate it from Danish and remember to change the cart to whichever currency you use. It can be a bit pricier than some, but the style and fabrics are to die for and so are the sales. It is a very European style and there are not a lot of bright colors, but everything is designed to make you look fabulous. They carry sizes 12-22 (US)

Hotshot Black

They carry sizes 10-28 (US) and have some really cute clothes that won't make you look like a soccer mom. Not that I have anything against soccer moms, it's just that I'm not one and until I am, I don't want to resemble one. This store has everything you could possibly need to put together an outfit (including shoes if you wear a wide width), basically if they don't have it you probably don't need it. They also have plus size men's clothing which is not something you come across often and FREE Shipping on ALL orders! You've got to love that! I do wish that they used more natural fabrics though.

Joe Browns Tie Back Top

The main reason I like this store so much is their Retro Chic section which is so sexy. They also have a great selection of tops and graphic tees and an albeit small, but cute, selection of maternity clothes. They carry sizes 12 to 32 and their prices aren't bad either.

Lucky 13 - Hells Bells Black Satin Dress

Not so favorite online stores but mostly worth a peek at:

This store does have a nice selection and some very cute items, however the glaring absence of natural fabrics does not impress me. Of 51 dresses I could only find 8 that were made with natural fabrics. Prices tend to be a bit higher than you might be use to paying, but they do offer free shipping though and for that alone it's worth a try.

ASOS CURVE Off Shoulder Top

This store has obviously not gotten the memo that horizontal stripes and big prints really do NOT look flattering on plus size women. Basically it looks like they took clothes meant for smaller sizes and just made them bigger. The dresses are also very short, which I tend to think makes plus size women look cheap. However there are a few really cute woven tops, though very few made with natural fabrics.

Embellished Surplice Top

Well there's my list, though I don't expect everyone will agree with me. Perhaps though it will get you thinking about ways to improve your wardrobe and make yourself look just that much more fabulous, in which case I've done what I set out to do.


  1. I've been staring at pretty clothes from modcloth for quite some time... maybe someday x)