Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Can't Brain Today I Have the Dumb

*grunt* *nod* *crash* *ouch* *cawwfee*
One of the lovely things about ADD/ADHD is that occasionally you wake up and find that you have no coordination and your powers of speech have vanished. Thankfully for me this does not happen everyday or it would be a huge problem. It's funny because you can still think of what you want to say but somehow all the words don't quite make it to your mouth. So instead of saying "I need some coffee" it comes out "coffee", only like a troll said it. Good morning often becomes well nothing really, kind of a grunt and a nod. Oh and forget smiling because the face hasn't mastered that one yet. The most fun part is walking. Basically you look like you are either quite drunk or a young child is behind the controls, so you walk into things...a LOT. The only thing you can do is either drink some coffee or take your medicine and wait for either or both to kick in. Makes for an interesting morning(or whatever time it was when you woke up) that's for sure. I'm having one of those right now... :(
PS Think something went horribly wrong with hubby's coffee again this morning, I have dim memories of hearing him say some choice words and filling the carafe with water. :-s


  1. Ok, well, I must add to this - just so it is out there. Yesterday was ADD day with the coffee - as the water was in the pot, but there were no grounds.

    Today was ADD day with the coffee again - grounds were there but no water.

    There you have it - I still love her despite the ADD.

  2. awww thanks hun! Love you too! ;-)