Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Promises to myself for when I have income

I promise to:

provide flowers for myself once a week either bought or homegrown
get my hair done at least twice a year (Capri counts)
treat myself to a massage and pedicure on my birthday (Capri counts)
take myself out to dinner and a movie once a month (HyVee Chinese and Redbox do count)
buy one "new to me" book a month
buy one "new to me" article of clothing a month
put aside money so that I can do something nice for someone else every week
put money in a Christmas club account so that I can bless others
put money in a "just in case" kitty fund to provide for Boo and Nanos' needs
sponsor a child in another country
support the charities and ministries I believe in
become a foster parent
keep it simple, if it no longer brings me joy it doesn't belong in my life, pass it on
Tithe 10% and Save 10%
Thank God everyday for all my blessings!

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